La nuova bandiera dell'Iraq

26 apr 10:00 Iraq: annunciata una nuova bandiera BAGDAD - Il portavoce Hamid al-Kefaae ha annunciato oggi che la bandiera utilizzata dall'Iraq sotto il regime di Saddam Hussein verra' sostituita. Il nuovo vessillo avra' una mezza luna di azzurro pallido in campo bianco e, in basso, una striscia gialla tra due linee blu. "Il bianco significa pace e un nuovo inizio in Iraq, la mezza luna rappresenta l'Islam, le due linee blu i due principali fiumi del paese - il Tigri e l'Eufrate - e la striscia gialla rappresenta la popolazione curda" ha spiegato al-Kefaae. (Agr) Nuova Bandiera IrakenaAljazeera.Net Controversial new Iraqi flag unfurled Monday 26 April 2004, 21:16 Makka Time, 18:16 GMT The design tries to represent Islam, peace and Iraqi Kurds Iraq's Governing Council (IGC) has adopted a new national flag to replace the one flown by Saddam Hussein, with emblems to represent peace, Islam and Iraq's Kurdish population. The new flag consists of a pale blue crescent on a white background and has a yellow strip between two lines of blue at the bottom. It will be raised over government buildings within days, spokesman Hamid al-Kafaai said on Monday. "The white stands for peace and a new start for Iraq, whilst the crescent represents Islam," al-Kafaai said, adding the blue strips represented Iraq's main rivers, the Tigris and Euphrates, and the yellow represented its Kurdish population. The old flag - red, white and black with three green stars, representing pan-Arab nationalism - had flown for more than 40 years, preceding Saddam, who was ousted by US-led occupation forces just over a year ago. During the 1980s Iran-Iraq war, Saddam Hussein added the Arabic words "God is great" to the flag. Dissent But not everyone is happy with the decision, with one Council member saying that Iraq's leaders should wait for an elected government before changing the flag, the BBC reports. ( The red, white and green flag has been used for over 40 years "In my opinion, it should be not be passed until we have a parliament," Mahmud Uthman is quoted as saying. ) "I think there are issues more important to concentrate on now than the changing of the flag." Iraq's al-Sabah newspaper, which published the design in its print edition, said that the designer's name was Rifat al-Chaderchi and that his design had been chosen out of more than 30 proposals. The flag is to be officially unveiled later this week. Bandiera Irakena dal 1991 The phrase "God is Great" in green Arabic script was added to the flag in January 1991 during the Persian Gulf crisis. (CIA's "The World Factbook") Nuova bandiera irakena... americanizzata ...Iraqi Governing Council Picked New Flag Monday, April 26, 2004 - Marcelo Lewin The Iraqi Governing Council (IGC) today announced that they have picked a design for the new flag of Iraq. "We are very proud to have chosen one of hundreds of designs that were submitted by Iraqi citizens." Stated Ahmur Shatin alAmereekan, "The Americans had no say whatsoever in the design of the new flag." The new flag has 13 horizontal stripes, representing the first 13 members of the Iraqi Governing Council, 50 stars, representing the number of different cultures and religions that exists in the country and one very small light blue crescent representing Islam, while the colors red, white and blue, represent the struggle to create a new (red), free (white) and independent (blue) Iraq. The design was chosen from over 150 submitted in a contest that was launched on the new K-RAQ radio station, one of the new radio stations in Iraq playing Arab Classic Rock music. The winner of the contest was Ahmur John Smithhar, an Iraqi that has been living in Iraq for one year. "This flag was designed by the Iraqis for the Iraqis" stated L. Paul Bremmer, the American Administrator in Iraq, "There was absolutely no American influence and Americans where not allowed to enter the contest." However, after performing an extensive background check on Mr. Ahmur John Smithhar, The Daily Farce News has discovered that his real name is John Smith, an American born in Mississippi that was sent to Iraq one year ago. "We understand that some people may think that the new flag looks somewhat like our American flag." Stated Mr. Bremmer, "However, we don't believe it does. That crescent makes a world of difference." We tried to contact Mr. Smith's family here in the states, but not phone calls were ever returned.

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