Apocalypse now? Part 1: The War Front

Unable to end the insurgency, the US is rapidly losing its few friends By Patrick Cockburn in Baghdad Independent, 11 April 2004 If Iraq comes to be seen as President George W Bush's Vietnam, this past week may be the equivalent of the 1968 Tet offensive - the moment when America discovered that, for all its overwhelming military superiority, it is not winning the war. The US civil and military leaders in Iraq discovered that their authority was a house built on sand. It crumbled with extraordinary speed in the face of poorly armed and ill-organised opposition in Fallujah and southern Iraq. The message was that the opponents of the US in Iraq are not very strong, but that the coalition itself is very weak... Robert Fisk The planners of the war in Iraq have just one answer to their critics: 'shut up' 10 April 2004 Thanks to the subservience of many members of the press, the US administration has had an easy time

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