Come ha potuto un ragazzo tetraplegico diventare il capo spirituale di Hamas?

Apparentemente, dagli articoli di stampa comparsi in questi giorni sappiamo e abbiamo capito tutto. E' davvero così ? Eppure alcune domande restano aperte: - come ha potuto un ragazzo di 10 anni, rimasto tetraplegico, diventare così importante da assumere la guida spirituale, ma anche quella militare, di Hamas? - Yassin ci dice qualcosa di come viene considerato un invalido nel mondo islamico? - si puo' definire Yassin un antisemita, nonostante abbia detto We don’t fight Israelis because they are Jews. We fight them because they are occupiers. If my own cousin had stolen my land, I would have fought him to get it back (Sheikh Yassin upon release from prison in 1997.) ? IslamOnline fornisce qualche traccia. Who was Sheikh Yassin? (Live Dialogue with Yassin biographer) Sheikh Yassin was not just a father for his children, but was a father for all Palestinian children. He taught his students and followers to be strong Muslims and at the same time faithful to their homeland Palestine ... More>> He was a paralyzed person and unable to feed or protect himself from anything Tell us about the education of Shaikh Yassin. Did he have a good firm Islamic education to lead an Islamic movement. Did his disability get in the way of leading Hamas? Sheikh Ahmad Yassin entered Cairo University, he received education in the college of arts. He studied 2 years, and then he was emprisoned by the Egyptian government and deported to Gaza. Later he educated himself through his own readings in all fields, whether in Arabic history or religion. He became a great scholar and a big Sheikh. As to his disability, it did not actually prevent him from leading Hamas, and it gave him a great appeal to the youth. People respected him as a disabled scholar leading an Islamic movement. Sheikh Ahmad Yassin as A Muslim was not against the Israelis as citizens or civilians, but he fought against the Israeli occupation. I remember a story has been told to me by Dr. Rantissi, about a time when the the Sheikh and Dr. Rantissi were driving their car at night and found an Israeli who had had an accident. They took him to the hospital and helped him. He did not hate Israelis as Jews, or as civilians, but as occupiers. How could he have been so powerful when crippled? Sheikh Yassin's strength came from his activities in two ways: First, his faith as a Muslim, and his faith in the Palestinian cause. He taught his students and followers to be strong Muslims and at the same time faithful to their homeland Palestine. If these two factors came together in a Palestinian, he would be a very powerful one. Sheikh Yassin's strength also comes from his followers, who have been brought up on faith and resistance. He spent more than 10 years in prison. It affected his eyes that he became unable to see things properly. He had so many infections in his chest. The nerving system was also weakened because his movement was limited. There was also pain in his legs and arms. He was not properly fed and his body became less immune to illness. When he got out of the Israeli prison, the Israelis expected him to die soon. How was Sheikh Yassin as a leader? How did he manage the organization? Sheikh Yassin was great. He was a wise man with a big heart and, at the same time, he was strong when the situation needed him to be. I know that he sometimes sat for more than 12 hours dealing with problems, solving issues and building many things in his organization. This is what made people admire him... His disability did not prevent him from doing his best to build and guide such a big organization like Hamas. Ahmed Yassin: The Man Who Revived a Nation The assassination of Sheikh Ahmed Yassin represents a turning point in the history of the Arab-Israeli struggle and in the larger global conflict between the West and the Muslim world... More>> Born in 1936 in Majdal near the coastal town of Askalan, in what was then Palestine under the British mandate, Sheikh Yassin’s political views were forged at a time of humiliation and defeat for the Palestinians.13 Father to eleven children, the elderly sheikh belongs to one of many families expelled from their homes by invading Israeli forces during the first Arab-Israeli conflict of 1948. After a childhood accident left him a quadriplegic, he devoted his early life to Islamic scholarship and studied at al-Azhar University in Cairo, the birthplace of the Muslim Brotherhood. It was there that he developed the belief that Palestine is Islamic land “consecrated for future Muslim generations until Judgment Day,” and that no Arab or Muslim leader has the right to give up any part of this territory. Hamas and the Future of Palestine (Live Dialogue with Sheikh Yassin) Asked on Hamas operations against Israel, Sheikh Yassin responded: “Armed resistance is a self-defense right, and this right is legitimate in all religions and earthly laws.”... More>> Guest Name: Sheikh Ahmad Yassin Subject: Hamas and the Future of Palestine Date: Wednesday,May 7 ,2003 Time: Mecca, From... 17:30...To... 20:00 GMT From... 14:30...To...17:00 [Terrorismo suicida] What do you say to those scholars and Sheikhs who still claim that “suicide” bombings are haram (religiously prohibited) and who call for an end to resistance as they merely cause more suffering for our Palestinian brothers? I can't categorize them with scholars and Sheikhs, because they worked for the interest of the enemies of Islam. Martyrdom operations are unanimously agreed upon by the trusted Sheikhs of Islam and have many examples in the history and Sirat of Prophet Muhammad. Armed resistance is a self-defense right, and this right is legitimate in all religions and earthly laws, and here’s the proof: Hadith says “He who defends his money is a martyr, and who defends his religion is a martyr, and he who defends his honor is a martyr,” and the likes of those called “scholars” as they name themselves are brokers for the American-Zionist enemy, wanting our nation to surrender and raise the white flags, forgetting the basic rights of humanity and commandments of our faith. [USA - IRAQ - PALESTINA] I believe that the American invasion and occupation of Iraq will give the Palestinian people extra strength to defend themselves and sacrifice for victory and liberation, and the evacuation of the occupiers and the settlements, because the American aggression will increase against the Islamic movement(s) in Palestine and the world under the pretext of “fighting terrorism.”

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